The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center is housed at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Kendall Square. Biology and machine learning are both vast fields, with their own vocabularies, research methods, and cultures. The Broad Institute has a long history of working on biology and computation in tandem, and its researchers are uniquely skilled at posing biological questions in a way that makes them amenable to computational solutions.
Beyond MIT and Harvard as well as the hospitals in the greater Boston area, the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center is committed to building a global community of researchers working at the nexus of machine learning and biology in and outside of academia. Our global partners include:

• Cambridge Center for AI in Medicine
• ELLIS (The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems)
• Helmholtz Munich
• Mila (Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute)
• The Alan Turing Institute
• The Big Data Institute

Technology Companies
• Microsoft
• Deep Mind
• Google Research

Medical Centers
• Mayo Clinic
• Geisinger

Pharmaceutical Companies
• Genentech
• Astra Zeneca
• Novartis

Individual Research Groups
Mikhail Belkin (UCSD)
David Blei (Columbia)
Ziad Obermeyer (UC Berkeley)
Vladimir Corredor (National University of Colombia)
• GV Shivashankar (ETH Zurich)
Exterior photo of the Broad Institute
The Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA
Areas of Focus
Our research projects at the intersection of machine learning and biology aim to illuminate the programs of life.
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