PhD Fellows

Achille Nazaret
Elham Azizi, Columbia University
Variational Inference Methods for Bayesian Modeling, Cancer Genomics, Spatial Transcriptomics
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Adit Radhakrishnan
Caroline Uhler, MIT
Deep Learning Theory, Representation Learning, Machine Learning for Healthcare and Genomics
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Alex Schubert
Ziad Obermeyer, UC Berkeley
Cardiovascular Diseases, Generative Modeling
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Anzo Teh
Yury Polyanisky, MIT
Empirical Bayes, Gene Regulation
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Chen Lu
Philippe Rigollet, MIT
Statistics, Machine Learning for Biology
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Emma McGee
Miguel Hernan, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Causal Inference, Target Trial Emulation, G-methods for Dynamic Treatment Strategies, Cancer
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Felix Faltings
Tommi Jaakkola, MIT
Gene Regulation
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Ifrah Tariq
Ernest Fraenkel, MIT
Cancer Immunology, Multi-Modal Data Integration, Representation Learning, Counterfactual Inference
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Ilker Demirel
David Sontag, MIT
Multi-Armed Bandits, Federated Learning, Machine Learning for Healthcare
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Jakob German
Anthony Philippakis, Broad Institute, and Andrea Ganna, FIMM-EMBL
Causal Inference, Trial Emulation, Genomics
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Jiaqi Zhang
Caroline Uhler, MIT
Causality, Gene Regulation, Experimental Design
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Maha Shady
Eli Van Allen, Harvard University
Cancer Evolution, Clinical Outcome Prediction, Representation Learning
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Marianne Rakic
John Guttag, MIT
MRI Atlas Building, Generative Models, Uncertainty
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Marie-Laure Charpignon
Munzer Dahleh, MIT
Clinical Trial Simulation, Multimodal Data Integration, Genetic Pathways
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Minhuan Li
Doeke Hekstra, Harvard University
Protein Dynamics
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Neil Mallinar
Mikhail Belkin, UC San Diego
Representation Learning, Finite-Width Networks
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Nicita Mehta
Eli Van Allen, Harvard Medical School
Germ Cell Tumor Biology
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Peter Mikhael
Regina Barzilay, MIT
Predicting Molecular Reactions
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Tony Wang
Nir Shavit, MIT
AI Alignment and Interpretability, Longevity, Regenerative Medicine
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Vardis Kandiros
Costis Daskalakis, MIT
Machine Learning Theory, Graphical Models
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Wei Liao
Joel Voldman, MIT
Cell Imaging
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Xinyi Zhang
Caroline Uhler, MIT
Representation Learning, Spatial Transcriptomics, Image Integration
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