The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center hosts colloquia, workshops, and competitions that bring together the global community to define and collaborate on the biggest challenges at the nexus of machine learning and biology. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates about our events!

We’re also excited to partner with the Models, Inference, and Algorithms (MIA) Initiative at the Broad Institute on its weekly pedagogical meeting series.

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MIA Talks

The Models, Inference, & Algorithms (MIA) Initiative supports learning and collaboration across the interface of biology and medicine with mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and computer science. The weekly meetings, featuring a primer, seminar, and informal discussion (and breakfast!), emphasize pedagogical exposition of concepts and methods.

MIA has been bringing together biologists and machine learning researchers since 2014. With various Schmidt Center fellows serving on the steering committee, we’re excited to collaborate on this important initiative.

MIA Talks

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